T.L. Williams             Author

 T. L. Williams, an American novelist and veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, published his debut novel, Cooper's Revenge, in 2013.  In this award winning work of fiction, he explored the emotions of a family torn apart by the death of a son in war-ravaged Iraq. It examines the impact that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has had through its ultra secret Qods Force as it trains terrorists in Iranian camps and abroad.

Cooper's Revenge also explores Iran's role as a developer and supplier of new IED technology to Taliban and Al Qaeda foreign fighter networks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran's actions have maimed and wounded thousands of U.S. soldiers on foreign battlefields.

The sequel to Cooper's Revenge, Amazon Best Seller, Unit 400: The Assassins, was published in January 2014. It takes the reader to Europe, South America and home to the U.S. where Qods Force Assassins are targeting a team of U.S. Special Forces operatives  involved in a covert operation against an Iranian terrorist training camp.

Zero Day: China's Cyber Wars will be available in fine bookstores and online in early 2017. This novel was completed in late 2014, however an extensive review process by the CIA's Publications Review Board, delayed its publication until early 2017.

Williams is currently working on his fourth novel in the Logan Alexander series. Alexander is back in Boston, where he is drawn into the shadowy world of ISIS-inspired terrorism. With surprise appearances by characters from Cooper's Revenge, this book makes a statement about the need for constant vigilance against terrorists plotting to strike at the heart of the Homeland.

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